5 Reasons Why B2B Marketing Just Got Sweeter

Account-Based Marketing Leader Terminus Acquires BrightFunnel, Pioneer of B2B Marketing Attribution

Marketers woke up this week to news that cascaded through the martech community: BrightFunnel was being acquired by Terminus.

Yes, two incredible companies that marketers love are joining forces to be stronger together. This is a big deal for B2B marketers, but it also matters for sales teams because this duo will help create more alignment across the sales and marketing functions.  

Here are 5 reasons why B2B marketing just got even sweeter:

1.) Attribution Builds Stronger Case for Account-Based Marketing

Targeting and engaging accounts rather than focusing on leads makes a ton of sense. Before the technology existed to help enable ABM at scale, the best marketers were focused on winning best-fit customer accounts. The best marketers understand that quality matters, not just quantity.

Today, with so many marketing channels and digital noise, it more important than ever to be efficient with marketing spend and efforts and to be aligned on identifying and pursuing a joint go-to market strategy with sales.

By combining BrightFunnel’s incredible intelligence capabilities to serve up B2B analytics and attribution data, Terminus will set the new standard for how effective account-based marketing is for B2B companies.  

2.) One Team – Unifying Go-to Market Teams

When it comes to driving revenue, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a part of sales or marketing. You’re focusing on the same goal. Marketing needs to be an accountable revenue function, and the goals of both teams must revolve around driving economic outcomes.

Uniting BrightFunnel and Terminus is an example of how sales and marketing teams can focus on strategy rather than activities. Through BrightFunnel’s ability to provide measurement data, everyone can see a complete picture of marketing’s impact throughout the funnel. It eliminates many questions and doubts around the effectiveness of sales and marketing’s combined efforts, and helps deter the nonsensical marketing vs. sales debate.  

3.) Stronger Tech Stack for Marketers

As a former CMO turned VC, I love thinking about BrightFunnel and Terminus joining forces. Both of these companies are pioneers of the marketing technology industry, and are beloved by marketers. And, both companies are foundational pieces to the modern technology stack that marketers have come to rely on.

The merging of these two companies creates an ROI-centric approach that will:  

  • Accurately target accounts with precise, tailored, and personalized ads that increase engagement and accelerate pipeline.
  • Bring transparency to the funnel progression of accounts and the influence of campaigns throughout the buyer’s journey.
  • Create a 360º view of engagement that supports one, unified revenue team.
  • Provide attribution data to close the loop on measuring account-based marketing and advertising.
  • Result in an unprecedented ability to execute on go-to market strategy with clarity and effectiveness.

4.) Partnership Opportunities Abound In San Francisco

I don’t believe a company can become a category leader without maximizing the power of channel partnerships. Establishing an office in San Francisco with 40 extremely talented new team members is an exceptional way to bolster partnership efforts for the Terminus team, which is headquartered in Atlanta.

Terminus has already proven incredibly effective with partnerships with HubSpot, Bombora Data, and KickFire, among others. It’s exciting to think about what BrightFunnel and Terminus will become together, considering that this union has already accelerated Terminus’ product vision by at least two years, according to Terminus’ Chief Product Officer, Bryan Brown. Watch out for more to come!   

5.) The Best Just Got Better

Terminus helped create, define, and build the category of account-based marketing (see: #FlipMyFunnel movement). They are the most widely used ABM platform, and they’re ranked as the #1 account-based execution software on G2 Crowd. Simply put, they are the best in ABM –  and, they just got even better.

Beyond the explosive revenue growth and hiring spree the company has experienced, they’ve created an environment where culture matters and people love coming to work every day. Named Atlanta’s #1 Best Place to Work and Inc’s Top 50 Best Workplaces, it will be exciting to see how Terminus’ culture of winning and passion meshes with an amazingly talented team on the west coast with BrightFunnel, who strongly values these same attributes.

Both of the teams at BrightFunnel and Terminus recognize the difficulties of standing out from the noise. That is why they’re are maniacally focused on empowering B2B marketers in achieving incredible results.

Let the transformation begin, sales and marketing becoming more united than ever before and two amazing teams becoming #OneTeam.

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