The Fundamentals of a Successful CMO Scorecard

A Scorecard Template from a Marketing Ops Expert

CMO Scorecard
This is a guest post by Mallory Lee, who is a very talented marketing leader in the Indianapolis tech community. At ExactTarget, Mallory helped run our demand gen team, managing a $30M budget. She is a go-to source for marketing ops and ROI-focused marketing.

Over the past ten years, I’ve spent plenty of quality time up to my elbows in spreadsheets trying to arrive at the perfect CMO Scorecard. Unfortunately, there are very few products on the market that easily and intuitively present the most important marketing KPIs. To have a clean and concise visual presentation that prevents confusion, I have found the manual time spent updating a scorecard can be worth it.

Your CMO will undoubtedly thank you for being involved in the micro level details so she doesn’t have to be. In fact, it’s your job as a direct report of the CMO. Yes, the devil is in the details to make a CMO Scorecard a reality, but the key is to intimately understand the key levers of the business. By providing context for both the forward looking and historical data, you will consistently inform and predict future success

As a follow-up to my previous post on the most vital 2017 marketing metrics, Tim and I thought it would be helpful to provide an example to help guide the process for you. Below is a free template for a great CMO Scorecard.

CMO Scorecard Template

Image: CMO Dashboard

Use this link to access the free template.

Access the Free Template

A few quick thoughts on how the template works:

  • This could be updated weekly or monthly according to the needs of your team. The small footnote on each tile clarifies the time period that is being looked at.
  • The color coding of the footnote provides a quick-glance perspective on how things are going according to good, old stoplight colors.
  • The column headers and metrics won’t be perfect for each business, but they’re easily editable so that you can highlight what is most important to you. I’d argue however, that the metrics presented here are great things to work toward.
  • Google Sheets are amazing for collaboration, or you could export to a PDF and share that way. I’d suggest creating a PDF with each update for an archive.
  • This is free to you, so go ahead and download it for yourself, make a copy and start tweaking it to align to your KPI’s and objectives!

Don’t forget, the most important thing is to present insights along with your data. I hope this resource can be helpful to you!

Happy Reporting!


About the Author: Mallory Lee

Mallory was lucky enough to “grow up” in SaaS marketing operations, overseeing the global budget and marketing operations at ExactTarget, serving as a marketing automation consultant at Salesforce, and most recently was VP of Marketing at Bluebridge. She now consults in Indianapolis while keeping track of her baby boy. Read more at

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