[VIDEO] Inside Indiana Tech: Tech Momentum, Challenges and Opportunities, Venture Funding

Tech Town Hall with Gerry Dick from Inside INdiana Business

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If you have followed the Indy tech scene, you will recognize the name Gerry Dick who helps shine the spotlight on Indiana businesses through his Inside INdiana Business broadcasts. I have long admired Gerry’s ability to highlight others and encourage the ecosystem.

As part of a special broadcast, I was able to join the IIB crew at the Union 525 for a Town Hall Panel discussion alongside Chris Baggott (ExactTarget co-founder and founder of ClusterTruck), Danielle McDowell (Speakeasy executive director), and John Wechsler (Launch Fishers founder).

In the three part series of videos below, we cover a lot of ground across the current state of Indiana tech.

Part 1: Tech Momentum

Central Indiana has boomed as a technology hub in recent years. In this segment…

  • Tim Kopp talks about the compound effects of Indiana tech momentum.
  • Chris Baggott touches on the diversification of Indiana tech companies.
  • Danielle McDowell discusses the SpeakEasy’s non-profit initiatives merging the creative and tech industries.
  • John Wechsler calls attention to the explosion of coworking spaces as a sign of the larger entrepreneurial scene.

Part 2: Challenges and Opportunities

Indiana’s tech community has exploded, but not without its fair share of growing pains. In this segment…

  • Chris Baggott talks about articulating the vision for Indiana tech and how “success breeds success” in more traditional industries.
  • Danielle McDowell mentions the importance of doubling down and “beating the drum” on what’s working, especially with initiatives like Techpoint talent programs.
  • Tim Kopp expresses his relief at not having to partake in talent wars in the Midwest while acknowledging the ecosystem’s current talent gaps.
  • John Weschler emphasizes the importance of growing the “live-work-play” triad.

Part 3: Venture Capital and Funding

The Midwest venture capital scene is heating up and changing. In this segment…

  • Tim Kopp explains how Hyde Park Venture Partners has ramped up its Indiana investments and how the Next Level Fund will impact the state.
  • Chris Baggott touches on raising money from family and friends, the SAFE from Y-Combinator, the JOBS act, and the diversification away from MarTech in Indiana.
  • Danielle McDowell cites studies showing how diversity in tech leads to higher returns.
  • John Wechsler comments on the disconnects in the Indiana tech ecosystem and the need to find the state’s entrepreneurial edge.

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