Introducing Intelligent Content Optimization

LookBookHQ makes content relevant again by making every moment count.

Introducing Intelligent Content Platform

We live in a noisy, cluttered, busy world.

On a daily basis, one of the biggest challenges marketers face is cutting through the noise. We live in an attention-starved economy. The attention span of the average person is short (about 8.25 seconds to be precise) and it’s a precious commodity.

So what do you do when you win the attention of the people you’re trying to engage the most?

You must capitalize. The best way to do this is engaging them where they are, on their terms.

Making Moments Matter

Speaking of capitalizing on short attention spans… about 18 months ago, I met a company in Toronto that absolutely blew me away – LookBookHQ. Their product demo was exceptional, their traction was impressive, and I knew then we had to be involved in the next chapter of the company’s growth.

LookBookHQ makes every moment of attention matter by taking buyers through a journey of relevant, targeted content  LookBookHQ has pioneered an intelligent content optimization platform to help enterprises drive meaningful customer engagement, qualify leads, and accelerate sales pipeline at unprecedented rates.

Today, I am excited to share our second major investment into LookBookHQ –  who announced a $11M Series B round led by Edison Partners with participation from us at Hyde Park Venture Partners and Huff Capital. We have loved partnering on LookBookHQ with Edison as well as another martech company in Atlanta – Terminus (Account Based Marketing Platform). It feels like we share similar DNA for our excitement in martech and high-growth, category-creating companies.

What Exactly Does LookBookHQ Do?

I love how LookBookHQ’s CEO, Mark Opauszky, articulates the company’s value prop, when he says, “we believe that marketers have the power to generate transformative outcomes for themselves, their companies, and their audiences when they can deliver the right content to the right audiences at the right time, and truthfully measure how their marketing is working.”

LookBookHQ helps marketers move their buyers through relevant content journeys faster and more effectively by automating the sequence and delivery of content into highly engaging, personalized experiences.

A lot of energy in marketing is spent attracting customers – filling the pipeline and getting your prospects to engage, but many of the activities can be centered on vanity metrics without being tied to specific outcomes. This is why LookBookHQ optimizes the buyer journey after they click. It isn’t only about how many clicks either, it’s about the results from the clicks. LookBookHQ isn’t satisfied with an opened email or even a click… it focuses on the impact of those activities and seeks to drive meaningful engagement with prospects and customers.

The Playbook for Remaining Relevant in MarTech

People often talk about how crowded the martech landscape is…  I agree that it’s a noisy space, but I actually think we’re still in the early innings of seeing martech innovation. I also think effectively delivering content is going to play an increasing role in true, 1:1 marketing. In fact, I think intelligent content optimization is the most critical missing layer.

Successful martech companies differentiate themselves by focusing on a problem that gets the buyer’s attention most. You need to become a “must-have” not a “nice to have.” The best way to accomplish is by delivering clear ROI for your product. LookBookHQ is delivering clear ROI and much more… this is why I am so excited as an investor and also how the company is standing out in the martech landscape:

LookBookHQ Delivers Clear ROI

  • LookBookHQ has compelling case studies for each of ways it has helped companies drive value. Thomsen Reuters drove 487% more engagement with its content, Rockwell Automation converted 2x MQLs to SQLs and created $248M in pipeline opportunities, and finally TIBCO improved funnel velocity by 40% and increased lead quality through a 92% increase in SQLs. Simply put, it just works!

LookBookHQ Minimizes the Effort of Marketers while Maximizing Impact

  • LookBookHQ is always on, and always engaging your customers and prospects. It focuses on their time, and when they’re hungry to consume content – not pushing or dripping content.
  • The platform helps marketers leverage all of available forms of content and leverages machine learning to order and sequence the content, or you can set up with their drag-and-drop, intuitive interface. The platform also collects insights to assess what’s working and optimize in real-time.

LookBookHQ Excels with Strategic Partnerships and Integrations

  • I have often said the best way to build your brand is on the back of another one, and LookBookHQ has flexed its muscle with strong partnerships with DemandBase and Oracle. Their product integrates seamlessly with Eloqua and Marketo and is very intuitive for marketers to create their own content journeys inside the platform.
  • They have hired senior leaders who know how to navigate these partner ecosystems, for example Scott McNabb (former EVP Sales at Oracle) and Elle Woulfe (former Director of Marketing at Eloqua)

Why We’re Investing in Toronto (And Love It!)

At Hyde Park Venture Partners, we’re extremely excited to be investing in Canada in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto tech ecosystems. What excites us most is the quality of founders and companies that we’ve met in the ecosystem. So far, we have invested in Bridgit (construction punchlist software), Hubdoc (automates organization of financial documents), Limelight (live marketing automation software), as well as LookBookHQ and we’re eager to make more investments.

A number of companies that you’d likely recognize call the region home… including FreshBooks, Vidyard, and Shopify. Toronto also boasts an abundant supply of technical talent, with amazing universities nearby churning out great students eager to get plugged into the tech ecosystem. I have to give a shoutout to my colleague, Greg Barnes, who has done an amazing job getting us plugged into the jet stream of what’s happening in Toronto, and being a wingman for our involvement in LookBookHQ.

Keep LookBookHQ on your radar as a big name to watch in the future of the Toronto tech ecosystem. The future is incredibly bright for LookBookHQ, and I’m so proud of what Mark, Nick, Dwayne, Elle, Scott, Heather, and the incredible team at LBHQ have built together. It’s a privilege to be involved in their journey, and we look forward to continuing partnering to make every moment matter.

LookBookHQ Team


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