My Investment Story, Philosophy, & Investments

My Investment Story – Angel to VC:

In 2012, after twenty years of building companies, I started TK Ventures to invest in promising early stage companies, focusing on Midwest startups and the tech sector. I made around 20 personal investments in the companies below, and through it all I found out three things – 1) I thoroughly enjoyed it.  2) I was pretty good at it! 3) My thesis focused on early stage companies needing help with go-to market and talent played out even stronger than I anticipated.

As I continued to invest in talented founders, I became even more passionate about mentoring and helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses. I had a front row seat to helping fuel tech growth in the Midwest. I also witnessed a huge opportunity that I wanted to capitalize on – the lack of lead investors and funding for Series A rounds in the Midwest. I clearly recognized that a one person team (myself) couldn’t help fill this void on my own.

By a stroke of luck and fate, I kept running into the team at Hyde Park Venture Partners (HPVP). Within a few months in 2014, I coinvested in 4 different deals with HPVP. Through this, I got to know my now partners, Guy Turner and Ira Weiss. It was obvious that our investment philosophies were closely aligned, and I also had a great deal of respect for their diverse expertise. In February of 2015, I joined Guy and Ira as our third partner, and opened up our Indianapolis-based office.

Suffice it to say, joining the fantastic team at HPVP was a great way for me to scale my investing efforts, and in turn help scale early stage tech companies in the Midwest.



My investment thesis is rather simple. I put a lot of emphasis on the founders and the team. I have to believe in the product and the need it serves, and I like to see exciting traction and growth. But, at the end of the day, I make my bets on people and their ability to lead positive change and results.


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