What SaaS Companies are Doing Wrong with Their Marketing

SaaStr Podcast: Episode 56

SaaStr Podcast

I have been a huge fan and follower of the SaaStr community for a while now. Jason Lemkin and his team at SaaStr are constantly producing fantastic content for SaaS leaders and enthusiasts. A fantastic addition to this was the SaaStr podcast, which was started by rockstar, Harry Stebbings.

You may recognize Harry’s name from another podcast he started called the 20 Minute VC. In both podcasts, Harry interviews the who’s who of the venture capital community, SaaS leaders, tech titans, and startup founders to uncover first hand accounts and lessons from investing and scaling amazing companies. Both of Harry’s shows are a must listen.

I was thrilled to join Harry as a guest of the SaaStr podcast recently. We had a lot of fun, and covered a lot of ground.

You can catch the full show here:

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